Our mission is to create a stellar taste bud sensation with our signature food. An innovative eatery combining comfort, fun, hearty kosher and vegetarian food into a new creative brand of taste, colour and culture. Walafel, which is a fusion of the known taste of Falafel and the comfort and texture of a Waffle. All of this is complemented by a variety of high-quality shakes, juices, and healthy drinks, to suit your entire family while providing maximum joy and satisfaction. Come to experience the world of Walafel at our Ormond location.



WALAFEL is a vegetarian, mostly vegan and kosher cafe restaurant in the heard of Ormond. 

WALAFEL prides itself on making sure all of our dishes are full of flavour, healthly, wholesome heaps as well as being a good value for money offering.

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539 North Road, Ormond, 3204